A Cool Squash Cutting Trick

With fall in full swing, I start thinking about all the tasty winter squash everywhere I look.  Farmer’s markets and farm stands full of delicious butternut, acorn, delicata, and sweetmeat squash to name a few varieties.  Winter squash are high in magnesium and potassium and beta carotene.  As I stated in a post on oyster nutrition, “Magnesium is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in your body”.  Potassium will help your body control blood pressure.  Beta carotene is used by the body to manufacture vitamin A.  Most Americans get about half the RDA of vitamin A and squash is a great way to help supplement your diet with it’s basic building block, beta carotene.  Winter squash is also a great source of the soluble and insoluble fiber so necessary in optimal gut health.

Cutting a thick skinned winter squash can be quite frankly, a pain in the ass.  It can be extremely tough (like the skin!) to even get a knife through one without slipping and cutting yourself.  Today I have a quick and easy tip that will make it easy to cut a squash and get on with one of those squash recipies.  What you need is:

  • Squash of some sort
  • A large decent kitchen knife (don’t use your fancy knives for this hack)
  • A rubber mallet

cutting winter squashYup.  A rubber mallet.  That’s the secret ingredient.  You’ve seen them everywhere from Harbor Freight to auto parts stores bargain bins.  They’re pretty cheap.  You probably have one in the garage or basement…

Get your knife started in your squash:

cutting squasha

Hold the mallet in one hand and while holding the knife handle with your other hand, start tapping the knife through your squash:

cutting squashb

When you get the knife past halfway or so, you can usually just push the knife the rest of the cut:

cutting squashc

Squash cut…..you can use the same process to cut your squash into smaller chunks if needed.  Do not, I repeat do not use this technique on summer squash!

cutting winter squash