A Unique Way To Cool Off Your Chickens

When temperatures start to soar in the summer, you need to find ways to keep your chickens cool.  Make sure there is plenty of water available to your girls.  High moisture treats like watermelon can go a long way to cool off chickens.  When it gets really hot, I start using the freezer to help keep the chickens happy.  One thing our birds like is frozen corn.  I’ll take a can of corn and empty it into a piece of tupperware, freeze it and pop it out and give it to the birds.  It takes a while to get a piece of corn, but helps cool them off and keeps them occupied.  Ice cubes in their water helps quite a bit.  Lately we came up with a unique and easy way to implement this by freezing their water bottle…

Cool Off Your Chickens With A Freezable Waterer

We have a bunch of nipple waterers for the chickens all over the yard.  Their main source of water is a gravity fed system that I posted instructions to here.  In addition to this we have smaller individual bottles here and there.  It seems like the birds almost prefer the individual bottles outside the run.  One of the easiest things to do is to get a plastic bottle of water and install the poultry nipple in the actual bottle cap, drill a hole on the bottom of the bottle and hang it upside down.  I like to hang these in bicycle water bottle holders mounted in various places.  Here’s a few pictures:

water bottle chicken waterer

water bottle chicken waterer

Here’s the sweet part….we have a few bottles and use a regular bottle cap and freeze a half full bottle of water.  Make sure the water doesn’t leak out the hole in the bottom while it freezes, pull the frozen bottle out of the freezer and switch the cap to the nipple cap.  Top the bottle off with water and you’re good to go!

cool off chickens