Discover The Quickest, Best Tasting Coffee Secret

best coffee maker aeropress
best coffee maker aeropress

If you’re like me and most Americans, coffee is an important, essential part of your day.  More than half of adult Americans drink coffee every day.  And for good reason.  Coffee is, you see….love.  Coffee is life…..well, maybe I’m taking it a little too far. There are however, many health benefits to consuming coffee.  Studies at the Harvard School of Public Health found that increasing one’s daily intake of coffee could reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes (1) .  A study at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) found that drinking coffee reduced the risk of heart failure (2). Drinking coffee has been associated to decreased chances for Parkinson’s disease, and liver disease as well.  Coffee is full of antioxidants…..substances that protect against cell and DNA damage.  And recent results from a 30 year study found coffee drinkers may live longer (3).  Coffee is good for you on many levels.  So what’s the best coffee maker?  The Aeropress by a mile.


The Best Coffee Maker I Have Found So Far

My love of coffee is one of the longest relationships in my life.  I started drinking it as a teenager to get going in the morning after late nights out.  I dabbled in the flavored coffee craze (oh, mocha hazelnut…).  My pallet became more and more refined as the years passed by.  I stopped drinking it with cream and sugar.  I had favorite varieties and roasts.  I gave up my drip coffee maker for the superior taste of the french press and the pour over. In later years I became seduced by the allure of cold brew coffee.  Less bitter! All of the taste!!! You can drink more before you hit the caffeine wall!!!  And then, out of nowhere came the game changer that changed my life and the coffee I drink in it…..the best tasting coffee I have had yet… coffee maker aeropress(I love this image)

The Aeropress

I don’t even remember where I heard about the Aeropress, but the concept intrigued me. We all know how to make coffee.  Here is the new version of how to use a coffee press: coffee grounds and hot water are mixed in a tube above your coffee cup.  At the bottom of this tube is laboratory grade filter paper….way finer than your standard coffee filter.  We’re talking microns here. You let the mixture sit for around 10 seconds and than fit a plunger insert into the tube and press down forcing the coffee mixture through the filter paper into your coffee cup.  Its a concentrate that can be used with hot water to make your ideal strengthed cup of coffee.  In fact, you can make up to 4 servings in one shot of this beauty! The whole process takes about a minute.  The taste is amazing.  According to the company’s literature:

  • The short duration of the extraction results in lower acid and less bitter flavors in the coffee
  • The ground coffee is totally immersed in hot water resulting in a full rich flavor.  Drip methods drip hot water on a bed of grounds, over-extracting at the center and under-extracting at the edge
  • The filter paper produces a clean cup of coffee without the grit of a french press

I’ve had mine for two years now and it’s still going strong.  It’s compact as well.  My Aeropress has gone on numerous camping trips and has traveled cross country with me. It’s my camping coffee maker. It’s my daily coffee maker.   I use it to make my coffee every day.  It’s the best coffee.  It’s that good.  It’s that quick.  I am a disciple in the cult of Aeropress.  It’s seriously that good.  While I consider the Aeropress a life necessity, I also think that it’s a great addition to anyone’s toolkit if you do any kind of filter coffee or ground coffee. Makes a great present for the coffee snob or coffee nerd in your life.  Heck, this is a great present for the backpacker/camper in your life.  Heck, I should buy another one to live in my travel bag permanently.  It’s that good.  I got mine at Amazon and you can too: