The Finished Backyard Chicken Coop

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything  of late so I figured I would do a quick update on our backyard chickens.  They have been out of the brooder (and the house!) for about 6 weeks now.  The heat lamp has been removed, and the chickens use both of the roosts inside the coop nightly.  The chicken’s combs are just starting to come in and they are getting quite big!  We have also been letting them run freely twice a day for an hour or two.  The birds have acclimated so nicely and it is a real joy to just hang out and watch them peck and forage for bugs and slugs.  I will post a video in the future of the flock free ranging.  Most importantly, I completed a run that is attached to the coop and we have a dust bath as well.  I am pretty close to done on the coop and am thrilled to have it complete.  The only thing I might add right now is a pvc gravity feeder…

Here’s the first video I posted of the coop:



And here’s another current video of the coop with the attached run:

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