Wellinformedliving.com has an Etsy shop for select purchases!  We are going to offer home pickling kits for those looking for how to make pickles.  Specifically, lactic acid fermentation products to produce old-style pickles.  Our kits fit a large mouth mason jar and when filled with brine keep air out and let the probiotic bacteria get to work and make delicious, good for your health, lacto fermentation pickled vegetables in as little as 4 days.

In addition to our pickling kits, we are offering needle felting tools as well for the needle felting hobbyist.  Each handle holds 4 needles to make your felting go faster.

We also have beautiful die cut “Eat Real Food” bumper stickers available as well.


Both of these products can be found at our store:

Wellinformedliving on Etsy