Useful Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

useful must have kitchen gadgets

I’m always on the lookout for useful items for my kitchen.  Here are three useful must have kitchen gadgets I’m currently using quite a bit:

Useful Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Chef’n Zipstrip Herb Stripper

Must Have Useful Kitchen Gadgets


This cool little gadget has 4 different sized holes on the handle that you can pull herbs through to easily and quickly strip the leaves.  I find it really useful for rosemary and thyme.

Must Have Useful Kitchen Gadgets
Stem Citrus Spritzer by Quirky
Must Have Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Screw the Quirky citrus spritzer into any citrus fruit and spray juice where you want it.  Disassembles for easy cleaning.

useful must have kitchen gadgets
Ball 5-Blade Herb Scissors
useful must have kitchen gadgets


These are a really fun way to cut lots of herbs like basil and parsley.  With these herb scissors you won’t go nuts next time you have to chop a bag of basil.

useful must have kitchen gadgets


All of these items can be purchased through by clicking on the images.  Happy cooking!


A Cool Mason Jar Kitchen Gadget

If you’re like me you have a lot of canning jars around the house.  You probably use them for more than canning.  Around our house mason jars are used for glasses, fridge storage of leftover salad dressings, cupboard storage of bulk dry goods and much more.


Invented and patented in 1858, the mason jar is one of those items that changed culture and society so deeply that you can’t imagine life without it.  Big like an iPhone big.  It introduced safe home food preservation to countless generations.  Easy storage of everything from liquids to flour to nuts and bolts in the garage. They have to be responsible on some level for Tupperware and Ziploc bags. (By the way, I prefer them over Ziploc and Tupperware because they’re less prone to leaking, don’t absorb flavors and colors and I don’t have to think about plastics chemicals leeching into whatever I’m going to eat later.)  They can be quickly multi purposed as drinkware for hot and cold beverages.  In addition to their usefulness around the house, mason jar crafts are incredibly popular with everyone from making goblets by gluing stems on the bottom of canning jars to DIY snow globes.  Because of their ubiquitous nature, mason jar ideas abound, including the one I just found at my local housewares store.

The Ball Herb Shaker Cap

Clunky name right?  Really cool idea.  Seriously.  These would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone who buys bulk anything.  Basically this is a replacement cap that fits a normal mouthed canning jar.

cool mason jar lid

The green plastic section of the lid is hinged and pops up and locks in place so you can shake or sprinkle to your heart’s content:

mason jar lid hack

cool mason jar lid2

These are great for herbs and spices, nutritional yeast, whatever you shake into and onto food. They’re also great for those jars you are always opening since its a little easier to pop the top….hey, great for Grandma!…seriously though, I wanted these as soon as I saw them and enjoy them a lot.  They are a great gift idea and pretty inexpensive as well.  Get yours today at Amazon.

A Cool Food Storage Gizmo You Won’t Want To Live Without

I’m always looking for effective ways to store say, half an avocado, or the lemon that was left after cutting out a slice to go with some seafood.  Well my lemon storage (and lime, orange and avocado) troubles are done now that I have the [eafl id=233 name=”savil by dreamfarm” text=”Savil food saver”] from Dreamfarm.  This unique gadget saves a little bit to a lot of cut apples, oranges etc with its thoughtful design.


Unique Hinge Design On This Cool Food Storage Gizmo

Closed for storage, the Savel looks pretty unassuming:



Lift on the silicone retainer strap, and release the clasp to open:


The inside is the surface which will be against the cut side of your lime, apple or whatever. What makes the Savel such a cool tool in the kitchen is the hinge that lets this surface flex from fully closed to about a 270 degree angle….




This allows you to store a little:


Or half:


Or even a lot of a piece of fruit:


The smooth side rests on your cut edge keeping air out while the silicone band holds the fruit in place.  Now you can store half an avocado and actually enjoy it when you take it out of the fridge later!  This is one of those utensils that will be so useful and convenient you might want several.

The Savel is available at through the link below: will be reviewing more useful items for around the home, kitchen ideas and other cool stuff in the future, stay connected by joining our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter.