Applying A Sticker With Transfer Tape

If you have purchased a sticker or decal from us through our Etsy store or another source, the first time can be a bit confusing.  Most custom stickers with multiple sections come with transfer tape.  Here’s how to install one:

This is how your sticker looks with the transfer tape.  The tape is stuck onto the face of the sticker.


Peel the backing off the back of the sticker leaving the vinyl decal in place on the transfer tape.  This picture has the adhesive side of the decal facing up.  Note that the image is reversed because it is being viewed from the bottom or back.

Apply the sticker on whatever you’re placing it on….in this instance, we are placing it on a car window.

Using a credit card or some other kind of scraper rub the decal onto the mounting surface working out sir bubbles.

Now we can peel the transfer tape off and leave the decal in place.

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