4 Cool Waterpik Cleaning Hacks

Waterpik Cleaning Hacks

I love my Aeropress coffee maker so much I ended up buying some nice stainless steel mesh filters for it:

I never need to worry about running out of paper filters and the coffee tastes better since the metal filter lets more oils through.  The mesh on these babies is so fine however they can be a little hard to clean.  One day it hit me:  How about the Waterpik to clean the filter?  It solved my problem so quickly and effectively I started looking around to see what else I could clean with the Waterpik besides my teeth and gums.  Here are some more Waterpik cleaning hacks:

Waterpik Cleaning Hack #2: Those Hard To Clean Areas On Your Glasses

Waterpik Cleaning Hacks

If you wear glasses, you know what I’m talking about…..the area where the nose pads attach to the frames can get a lot of grimy build up that can be hard to get rid of.   Not with the Waterpik.  It knocked the grime away in less time than it takes to polish the lenses.

Waterpik Cleaning Hack #3: Your Kid’s Legos

Waterpik Cleaning Hacks

Have you ever tried to get mud out of the holes in the bottom of Legos after your kids took them outside to play?  Toothpicks and Q-tips kind of work.  Blast those Legos clean with the good old Waterpik and I guarantee you will never struggle with dirty building blocks again.


Waterpik Cleaning Hack #4: An Older Razor…

This one might be a little gross….Ever reach for your razor and find it a little clogged with hair to do its job?  Maybe it’s your last one, you haven’t gone to the store yet to get a refill and you need to shave and get on with it.  Yup.  Waterpik will help you out of this jam as well.  It easily cleans out between the blades where ordinary water from the tap fails.


I hope you can use one of these “hacks” for your Waterpik.  You’re probably thinking of other alternative uses for it right now.  Share them with us on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/wellinformedliving